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Polished Concrete – The Green Flooring Solution

Aug 09, 2018

Not only is polished concrete a natural, durable, beautiful flooring system, it is proven to be one of the most effective GREEN flooring systems available, possibly the greenest flooring solutions that delivers the results it does. Today’s emphasis on alternative construction methods that are earth friendly as well as cost effective make concrete polished floors an outstanding option over more traditional floor coverings. Its low maintenance to clean; doesn’t need to be waxed and buffed which saves time and money and doesn’t require hazardous cleaning agents. Polished concrete contributes to LEED certification in the areas of building reuse, material reuse, low emitting materials and optimizing energy performance.

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Does your Concrete Floor Damage your Wheeled Vehicles?

Jun 05, 2018

If your Concrete Floor is cracked, pitted, or your joints are failing, your forklifts, machinery or equipment are being worn unnecessarily. Equipment tires will become damaged, peeled, or fall apart causing further damage to the machine, repair time and ongoing cost of replacement wheels. Also, employee safety is at risk when machines or forklifts are jostled by the cracked and pitted concrete flooring. In-house patching often is a temporary solution that can even contribute to further degradation of the concrete substrate.

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Surface Preparation – Critical to a Successful Flooring System

Apr 26, 2018

Hands down the most important part of a successful flooring system is the preparation and repair of the concrete substrate. It’s essential to the strength, durability, aesthetics and reliability of the floor to be able to do what needs to be done. The best polishing team or resinous floor coating solution will be unsuccessful without preparation by a skilled team.

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Visual Systems Play Critical Role in Sustaining 5S & Improving Worksite Safety

Mar 29, 2018

5S Flooring Markings optimize productivity through an organized workplace. The visual markings and color coding are key parts of lean manufacturing techniques and streamlined production facilities; and provide standardization that is visible, understood, and consistently adhered to, eliminating questions on the part of the employees.  Risk prevention is the cornerstone of 5S Visual Floor Markings.  With "a place for everything, and everything in its place" the environment is clear for employees to work, walkways guide both employees and visitors, and designated areas for hazardous materials provide direction for employees to work more safely. Customize your floor given your unique production, safety, workflow, maintenance and aesthetic needs as well as compliance requirements.

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