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Does your Concrete Floor Damage your Wheeled Vehicles?

If your Concrete Floor is cracked, pitted, or your joints are failing, your forklifts, machinery or equipment wheels could look like this…

Running over pits, spalls and damaged joints is dangerous and costly.

Tires will become damaged, peeled, or fall apart causing further damage to the machine, repair time and ongoing cost of replacement wheels.


Employee safety is at risk when machines or forklifts are jostled by the cracked and pitted concrete flooring.

In-house patching often is a temporary solution that can even contribute to further degradation of the concrete substrate.


Repairs by a professional team in high traffic areas prevent damage to your wheeled vehicles. Complete joint rebuilding may be the most cost effective long term solution for badly damaged joints. Epoxy floor coatings are a powerful monolithic, long lasting, durable and low maintenance solution to many areas in your facility where you have failing concrete.