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Epoxy Floor Coating

Virtually every facility has at least one area where floors put up with heavy loads, extreme heat, chemical exposure, high impact or extreme abrasion.  Without a proper floor coating system, your concrete slab surface is liable to crack, buckle or deteriorate under these conditions, resulting in contamination, cracking or joint failure, necessitating costly repairs.

You’ve made a substantial investment in your concrete foundation – an integral part of your facility’s structure.  Epoxy coating systems are very widely used in a large variety of industries and facilities, and for good reason.  With their incredible durability, and resistance to moisture, wear and tear and contamination, coating systems are an incredibly cost-effective, low maintenance option to transform your floor and ensure your floor is functioning at the highest level.  And they are stunning!  They project a professional image and are customized to your particular needs.

Industrial Applications’ crews can take a concrete substrate in bad shape and do necessary repairs to restore the structural integrity and prepare it for coatings.  Seams and joints between slabs are cut and cleaned, and then filled with joint filler to create a smooth transition between slabs.  If joints are in cracked and compromised, we can fully rebuild those joints.

Durability, Longevity

Epoxy Floor Coatings deliver hard-wearing, extremely durable solutions that can withstand everything from heavy foot traffic to industrial and manufacturing processes.  Even with demanding and continuous equipment traffic, epoxy flooring is highly resistant to damage, and will bear weight without cracking or flaking.

Cost Effective, Easy and Inexpensive to Maintain

Transform your concrete floor into a non-porous, monolithic, smooth, stain-repellant surface that can be easily wiped free of dust, dirt and debris by mopping with an antimicrobial solution.  You no longer have to worry about bacteria that love to hide in porous concrete surfaces.  The downtime necessary to clean epoxy coated floors is minimal.  Epoxy flooring solutions also have a long lifespan, saving your business thousands of dollars in floor repairs.


A brightly colored epoxy flooring solution reflects a tremendous amount of light, increasing safety of your workers, improving productivity and loweringlighting costs.  Developed with safety in mind, many floor coating products are resistant to slippage, fire and impact.  You can use different colors and striping to designate forklift traffic zones, hazardous areas, work zones and walkways.  This can significantly assist in your 5S efforts.  Epoxy coatings will also prevent concrete dusting, which results from the disintegration of the porous, unsealed concrete floor surface under traffic.  The coatings will prevent this dust that otherwise would settle on inventory and be breathed by your employees.


Seamless Floors

Seams and grout lines are the perfect place to harbor bacteria, trap dirt and dust, and for your concrete floor to wear and crack.  A monolithic solution, such as epoxy coatings are installed over the concrete slab and form a continuous and seamless floor that looks fantastic and adds to the safety and cleanliness of your facility.

Luster and Beauty

Beyond being functional, epoxy coatings are one of the most attractive flooring choices.  With a variety of different colors, it’s possible to custom fit your floor to your needs, with unique colors, metallic coatings, decorative flake and high gloss shines.  Your floor will be durable and professional!

Stain Resistant

Unlike a porous concrete slab or floor covering, epoxy coatings do not hold dirt or allow spills to penetrate quickly.  The seamless floor enables spills to be cleaned up quickly.

Impact Resistant

Specific types of epoxy coatings are extremely durable and able to withstand an environment where heavy wear and tear and routine impact are expected.

Chemical Resistant

Specific epoxy coatings are formulated to withstand the certain types of chemicals you use to prevent the chemicals from seeping into your concrete slab, enabling them to be cleaned up quickly, and protecting your workers.  This is especially critical in industrial and manufacturing plants.