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ESD/Conductive Flooring

As electronic components become faster and more sensitive to electrical interference, the need for static control has grown significantly. When most of us think static, we may be tempted to think nuisance – static cling or irritating static shocks. But for us to feel these effects of static electricity, the discharge must be at least 3500 Volts. Putting that into perspective, today’s sensitive computer parts can be damaged by a static discharge as low as 20 Volts.

Since static electricity is the result of friction between two materials, walking across a floor is a major source of static buildup. That’s why the cornerstone of any environment that needs to remain static-free is a conductive flooring system.

ESD Epoxy coated flooring systems perform more effectively and thoroughly than other type of ESD flooring, such as mats or tile. They contain a conductive material that accumulates static electricity to drain, ground or dissipate any potential discharge.


  • Protect sensitive electrical components from static electricity damage, eliminating costly repairs
  • Protect your workforce
  • Better performance than tile which can delaminate under heavy duty conditions

Recommended Industries

  • Aerospace
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronic facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Industrial plants that use flammable gases or liquids