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Is your concrete floor cracked or pitted?   Does your floor face consistent heavy traffic and wear and tear from heavy loads and machinery?   Is your floor routinely exposed to heat, chemicals or solvents?

In-Depth Evaluation

The unique needs and concerns of the customer, their expectations, and their budget are combined with an expert assessment of the concrete floor’s current status to create a recommended solution for each job.

During an initial walk-through of your facility, our sales team’s goal is to understand what you’re currently doing in that space, the access we’ll have to the flooring we’d be working on, what you’re hoping to achieve and what you need to protect against, as well as how you want it to look (gloss, color, reflectivity, decorative flake).

The in-depth evaluation includes an understanding of what’s been on the floor in the past, what problems you’ve had, and what you’d like to improve about the situation.

Recommended solutions go way beyond either polish or coatings to a multitude of different systems, thicknesses, consistencies – to achieve a more or less robust floor. We work with a wide variety of manufacturers, product types, colors, and textures.

We’re also accustomed to working around your operating schedule and may recommend different systems based on your downtime availabilities. Work during Holiday shutdowns is often scheduled six months in advance.

While what you’ve seen and what we’ve done in other facilities are a basis for discussion, each project is completely unique in the repair and surface preparation required, and process and solutions recommended.

Surface preparation to remediate all problems with the concrete substrate, depending on the condition of the slab, can be a considerable percentage of the solution recommended. It’s an absolutely critical part of the process and essential to a successful flooring system, a safe environment, and the results you’re hoping to achieve.

In conversation about new construction, we won’t need to focus as much on the repair needs, but rather the projected usage and types of attacks (chemical, heavy traffic, heat, cold, electric charge, impact expected, standing water, etc.) the floor will need to withstand will be reviewed and understood.

With an utmost focus on the safety of your team and visitors, non-skid additives, safety striping and markings, ease of keeping clean, and integrity of the slab will be discussed and factored into a recommended solution.

Our sales team has the extensive knowledge of concrete substrates, surface preparation procedures, installation techniques and material intricacies necessary to assess your unique plant environment and recommend the best possible solution.