Industrial Applications is a full-service concrete floor coatings company serving industrial and commercial customers since 1989.


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Polished Concrete and Epoxy Floor Coatings in Memphis, Tennessee

Industrial Applications is a full-service concrete floor coatings company providing polished concrete and epoxy floor coatings in Memphis since 1989. Our hardworking and dependable crews can provide the perfect industrial flooring solution for your business.

If you are looking for polished concrete, epoxy coatings, or decorative metallic or flake floor coatings for your business, Industrial Applications can provide you with safe, cost efficient and beautiful industrial flooring solutions.

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Why is Polished Concrete the Perfect Flooring Material for Your Memphis Business?


Polished Concrete is a durable industrial flooring option for many types of businesses from a wide range of industries. Resistant to foot traffic, heavy equipment, spills, chemicals, water, and oil.


Polished concrete reduces installation costs as there is no need for a new floor covering over your building’s concrete substrate. Polished concrete is a long-lasting solution that is not prone to damage like other flooring materials and won’t need to be pulled up and replaced over time.


Using your existing concrete slab instead of adding a flooring that would need to be removed and replaced over time, makes polished concrete from Industrial Applications of the most sustainable flooring solutions available in the Tennessee region.


Stains and colors can be applied to create the perfect color or pattern for your flooring. Want to brighten up your space without adding to the electricity bill? Industrial Applications can adjust the reflective sheen level of your flooring to add light to your space. Want the benefits of polished concrete without the high sheen? Industrial Applications can produce low-luster matte finishes as well.


Polished concrete is an affordable, easy to maintain, durable and beautiful flooring solution that uses your existing concrete substrate to create a bright, clean and professional look. Rivaling the look of polished marble or granite, polished concrete has the strength and stain resistance to hold up under tough conditions.

Industrial Applications has the tools, team, and skills to create stunning flooring in warehouses, retail stores, auto showrooms, offices, hotels, industrial facilities and schools.


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Is Polished Concrete Easy to Maintain?

As the person responsible for your facility upkeep, you want an option that looks good and is easy to maintain.  Instead of spending countless hours trying to keep your floor in good condition by waxing and buffing, polished concrete requires very little maintenance – at least 30% less than VCT tile.  All you have to do to keep the floor looking great is to sweep and damp mop as needed.  Because the protective surface works as a barrier against spills, cleanup is kept simple.  Polished concrete will not harbor dust, dirt, and allergens.


Looking for Concrete Repair in the Greater Memphis Area?

Industrial Applications’ Memphis crews can take a concrete substrate in bad shape and do necessary repairs to restore the structural integrity and prepare it for coatings.  Seams and joints between slabs are cut and cleaned, and then filled with joint filler to create a smooth transition between slabs.  If joints are in cracked and compromised, we can fully rebuild those joints.



Epoxy Floor Coatings


Virtually every facility has at least one area where floors put up with heavy loads, extreme heat, chemical exposure, high impact or extreme abrasion.  Without a proper floor coating system, your concrete slab surface is liable to crack, buckle or deteriorate under these conditions, resulting in contamination, cracking or joint failure, necessitating costly repairs.

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What are the Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coatings?

You’ve made a substantial investment in your concrete foundation – an integral part of your facility’s structure.  Epoxy coating systems are very widely used in a large variety of industries and facilities, and for good reason.  With their incredible durability, and resistance to moisture, wear and tear and contamination, coating systems are an incredibly cost-effective, low maintenance option to transform your floor and ensure your floor is functioning at the highest level.  And they are stunning!  They project a professional image and are customized to your particular needs.


Can I Improve Safety, Productivity and Quality with Epoxy Floor Coatings?

A brightly colored epoxy flooring solution reflects a tremendous amount of light, increasing safety of your workers, improving productivity and lowering electricity costs.  Developed with safety in mind, many floor coating products are resistant to slippage, fire and impact. You can use different colors and striping to designate forklift traffic zones, hazardous areas, work zones and walkways.  This can significantly assist in your 5S efforts, optimizing productivity, organization and risk prevention.

Epoxy coatings will also prevent concrete dusting, which results from the disintegration of the porous, unsealed concrete floor surface under traffic.  The coatings will prevent this dust that otherwise would settle on inventory and be breathed by your employees.


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What industries regularly utilize polished concrete flooring and epoxy coatings?

Polished concrete and epoxy floor coatings have benefits and features that are great for a wide range of industries.

Aerospace & Aviation

Both beautiful and functional, epoxy coatings on hanger floors and in aviation facilities are a powerful flooring solution. Not only do they reflect the beauty of spectacular machines, the epoxy coatings stand up to oils and fuels necessary to maintain aircraft.

Automotive Dealerships

From reflectivity and cleanliness needed for gorgeous showrooms to the durability needed for demanding repair shop floors, Industrial Applications can create the perfect flooring solution.

Distribution, Logistics, & Warehouses

Polished concrete and epoxy coated floors are both good solutions in a warehouse or distribution environment. An extremely professional image, easy to clean, inexpensive to maintain, and highly durable, concrete flooring systems are a powerful alternative. If you go for a high-gloss finish, not only will it add class and elegance, but it will also make your warehouse look well maintained.

Food & Beverage

Industrial Applications uses USDA Compliant floor coatings  specifically designed for the food and beverage industry. From commercial kitchens, to food processing, to restaurants & hotels epoxy coatings are a great option that promotes cleanliness and safety without sacrificing durability.

Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities

Easy to maintain, safer for employees, and highly durable, epoxy-coated or concrete polished floors fit well in a high production environment.  Resistant to denting, cracking, and chipping, coated or polished concrete floors increase the floor’s lifespan, durability, safety and cost effectiveness.  These floors reflect the existing lighting, increasing safety and decreasing electricity costs.

Commercial Kitchens

If you run a commercial kitchen, you know how messy – and how hazardous – that floor can be. With so many people working in close proximity, creating lots of food in very little time, you need a flooring solution that can stand up to that day to day use and abuse.

Which Polished Concrete and Epoxy Floor Solution is Right for my Business?

Is your concrete floor cracked or pitted? Does your floor face consistent wear and tear from heavy loads, machinery, heat, chemicals or solvents? Need help deciding what material is right for your building’s flooring?

Our sales team has the extensive knowledge of concrete substrates, surface preparation procedures, installation techniques and material intricacies necessary to assess your unique plant environment and recommend the best possible solution.


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