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Have you had a “Near-miss” accident in your facility this year? Have you considered it a fluke and believe it won’t happen again?

A near-miss event is an ‘accident’ – an unplanned, uncontrolled event – that didn’t cause injury, loss or damage. They may happen more often than you know in your facility. Follow up may be lax because there was no injury or expense, but it’s critical to address the foundational issue.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, slips, trips and falls make up:

  • 15% of all accidental deaths per year, the 2nd-leading cause behind motor vehicles
  • About 25% of all reported injury claims per fiscal year
  • More than 95 million lost work days per year – about 65% of all work days lost

What Are Unsafe Surface Conditions that could lead to a “Near Miss”?

> Uneven floors, cracks, holes and broken concrete or tile

> Low lighting in certain areas

> Slippery surfaces

> Confusion and collision potential

What unsafe surface conditions are present in your facility?

Based on your processes, maybe it would make sense to add some non-slip coatings to your floor.

Now may be a good time to improve the lighting in your facility with a highly-reflective polished concrete or epoxy coated floor.

If you notice your traffic patterns in your facility are more chaotic than orderly, it may be time to invest in epoxy line striping to designate employee vs visitor areas, forklift vs pedestrian traffic paths and hazardous material or equipment areas.

Call us for an evaluation to see just what it would take to repair those cracks and holes in your flooring.