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Industrial Safety – Non-slip Coating and Safety Striping

Improve Productivity, Quality, Safety

Incredibly important in industrial, manufacturing and warehouse facilities in particular is the safety of employees and visitors to the plant or facility.

Economics of Safety

Employers in every industry should know how workplace injuries can impact not only productivity, but also the bottom line. Every year, millions of non-fatal workplace injuries occur across all industries. And employers pay billions every week for direct workers’ compensation costs alone. Costs directly associated with workplace injuries include workers’ comp, medical expenses, legal fees, and higher insurance premiums. Never underestimate indirect costs as well which can include emotional damage to the team, the cost of training a new employee, OSHA fines, overtime hours to cover the loss of an employee, and damaged equipment, among others.

Which of these are Issues in your Facility?

  • As a crucial part of your physical plant, an uneven or pitted floor can cause falls or can cause stacked items to fall.
  • Uneven areas and holes also wear on your carts, equipment, and machines as they fall into, or bump over, these flaws in your floor.
  • Chipped or cracked floors can harbor bacteria dangerous to your people and your processing.
  • Floors without designation marks, lines or stripes can cause collisions, confusion, and low productivity.
  • Failure to designate areas for hazardous waste, equipment and machinery can cause accidents to occur.
  • Slippery floors can cause inefficiency, slips and falls, and serious injury.
  • Darker workplaces cause employee eye strain, lower productivity and higher cost for additional light fixtures or stronger bulbs.

What Role Does your Floor Play in Safety?

  • We always start any project by assessing the condition of your concrete substrate, patching and repairing where necessary, rebuilding joints as required, and doing what it takes to create a smooth surface for the safety of your team.
  • Epoxy coated floors create a monolithic surface that will eliminate the wear on your carts, forklifts and other equipment that moves across the floor. Epoxy coatings bear weight without cracking or flaking.
  • Non-porous monolithic epoxy coated floors also eliminate the danger of your porous concrete slab harboring bacteria.
  • Polished concrete floors are slip-resistant surfaces and a high degree of skid and slip resistance can be built into an epoxy coated floor.
  • Polished concrete surfaces, and especially light colored epoxy coatings, add a great deal of reflectivity, increasing the lighting in a facility without increasing the number and cost of fixtures and bulbs.

Visual Systems

Visual systems can be used to designate floor space requirements, to indicate areas for dedicated purposes including work cells, machinery locations, hazardous or flammable items, traffic lanes, and pedestrian paths.


5S Flooring Markings

5S Flooring Markings optimize productivity through an organized workplace. The visual markings and color coding are key parts of lean manufacturing techniques and streamlined production facilities; and provide standardization that is visible, understood, and consistently adhered to, eliminating questions on the part of the employees.  Risk prevention is the cornerstone of 5S Visual Floor Markings.  With “a place for everything, and everything in its place” the environment is clear for employees to work, walkways guide both employees and visitors, and designated areas for hazardous materials provide direction for employees to work more safely.


“Built in” to Production Areas

“Built in” to Production Areas, as opposed to traffic line or marking tape – which wears out quickly requiring replacement, epoxy coatings are a highly durable, easily cleanable 5S floor marking system “built-in” to your production areas. These flooring systems stand up to harshest environments including forklift and truck traffic, high-impact, traffic, weather conditions, various chemicals, and extreme heat. Customize your floor given your unique production, safety, workflow, maintenance and aesthetic needs as well as compliance requirements.