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Industrial Safety: Utilizing your Shutdowns to Improve

How’s your Safety Rating?

If you’re experiencing accidents or incidents in your industrial facility, epoxy floor markings can significantly improve your safety experience.

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Scheduled or Unexpected Shutdowns?

Whether forced by COVID slowdowns or restrictions, or planning shutdowns due to seasonal work or holiday schedules, it may be a good time to have some floor work done.

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“Built in” Epoxy Floor Markings

With “a place for everything, and everything in its place” the environment is clear for employees to work, walkways guide both employees and visitors, and designated areas for hazardous materials provide direction for employees to work more safely. Failure to designate areas for hazardous waste, equipment and machinery can cause accidents to occur.

5S Markings – Long term Epoxy solutions

Non-Skid Coatings for Safety

Slippery floors can cause inefficiency, slips and falls, and serious injury. With the inherent nature of the sand being broadcast in the epoxy resin, these systems are skid and slip resistant that can be increased or reduced by the thickness of the topcoat being applied.

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Safety Markings

Floors without designation marks, lines or stripes can cause collisions, confusion, and low productivity.

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