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Metallic Coating

Most often people first see a metallic epoxy coating in a commercial building or restaurant and it catches their eye – and they want their establishment to stand out that way too!

What is a metallic epoxy floor coating?

A metallic epoxy floor coating is quite simply a low yellowing epoxy, with a metallic pigment mixed in. Tiny, almost glitter-like pigments are mixed into an epoxy resin and then poured onto the floor or substrate after careful surface preparation. When these pigments become agitated with a paintbrush or roller, they gather, separate, twist and turn to reflect light at different angles. Eventually, the epoxy hardens and the metallic pigments are locked into place and give a three dimensional, swirly look. The installation technique and expertise of the installers is what determines the final look of the floor and is a critical part in attaining the desired look. An epoxy topcoat also adds added protection and slip-resistance to withstand the wear and tear expected on the floor.


What are the advantages of a metallic epoxy floor?

These coatings are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also have many other advantages. Metallic epoxy floor coatings can be customized to be extremely durable, low yellowing, seamless, antimicrobial, slip resistant, and chemical resistant. Not only will these floors look beautiful, but they will meet all of your performance needs. They are great for places like waiting rooms, showrooms, restaurants, galleries and more.

The options are as varied as our customers’ tastes and metallic flooring allows for some creative designs.


Metallic Coating


Metallic Coating

Other attractive properties of the floor coating include a low viscosity, low or no VOCs, low odor, moisture insensitivity, and excellent bonding to properly prepared concrete surfaces.

Metallic floors can be used in a variety of settings but are most common in event centers, retail stores, commercial buildings, restaurants, medical clinics and many other locations! Their high durability, combined with their impressive appearance make them a great choice for high traffic areas where aesthetics are a big factor.