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Planning for your Facility or Plant Shutdown?

Pending Audits & Planned Shutdowns are an Ideal Time for Floor Maintenance

Managers of commercial and industrial facilities understand that physical plant maintenance, including flooring, isn’t an option – it’s a necessity.   Maintaining the appearance, safety and integrity of commercial flooring is essential to ensure strict health and safety regulations are met. Pending audits and planned shutdowns make this time of year an ideal time to schedule maintenance or replacement work and end of year production shutdowns are approaching quickly.

Planning for flooring upgrades

When involved early in the process, we will use our experience to be a technical resource and offer our guidance on key project points that may have been overlooked. We can explore options with you for your flooring – safety lines/coloringslip-resistance, light reflectivity to increase productivity, antimicrobial treatment, ESD controlchemical resistance, fire prevention, impact resistance, and creation of a professional image in public areas.

Our specialists can also advise you on timing for installation of various flooring systems, and evaluate your surface preparation needs. Correct and well-executed surface preparation is vital to any concrete floor polishing or coating projects long-term success.  Getting your planning team to discuss machinery upgrades early allows those to be installed before your new flooring, to avoid gouges and scratches on your new floor.


Don’t let it become an Emergency

When an unplanned flooring project becomes an emergency (like when the CEO announces a surprise visit) staff often rushes to find the most convenient and least expensive solution. This often times turns out to be the incorrect product for the application. These “quick-fixes” often require repetitive rework and at times, additional flooring issues.

You walk, drive, manufacture, prototype, package, ship, repair, store and have meetings on your floor every day. It is literally the “foundation” of your business. Don’t wait for the surprise visit, audit or company mandate, consider your flooring upgrades as part of your planned shutdown this Fall.

Eliminate the worry of a failed audit and/or extended shutdown. Call now (901.794.4334) for scheduling purposes – and to have one of our technical specialists conduct a free in-depth evaluation of your flooring situation.


Case Study – International Manufacturer, TN

An international manufacturer with a facility in Tennessee called on Industrial Applications, Inc. to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time between December 23 and January 2, 2017. After working with our technical sales team, they identified a need for additional line striping in the plant and decided polished concrete would be the best solution for their aisles. They desired to project a world-class image, with a low maintenance, easy to clean flooring solution.

Many of the aisles were currently coated with a thin mil epoxy and a topcoat of urethane.Team IA removed the coatings and polished nearly 50,000 square feet of aisles to a high gloss 3000 grit, installing densifier, epoxy grout coat and guard.

With safety as a big priority to this customer, Team IA installed a total of 12,627 linear feet of yellow striping topcoated with a clear urethane. The high gloss polish offered a high degree of light reflectivity, contributing to increased safety and productivity. Team IA also repaired 1,420 linear feet of joints to ensure smooth passage of wheeled equipment and foot traffic.