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Polished Concrete – Care & Maintenance


Prevention is the key to maintaining the shine and luster of your new polished concrete floor. Whether you are in an industrial environment or in a retail environment, the basics are the same.

  • Walk off mats should be placed at every entrance to decrease dirt tracked onto the floors.
  • Dust mop daily with an untreated microfiber dust mop to protect the polished finish.
  • Clean up spills immediately with a paper towel, follow with warm water or pH neutral cleaner.
  • Apply floor protectors to furniture, especially furniture that gets moved frequently.



A regular cleaning schedule is critical in maintaining the life of your new polished concrete floor. Proper training on cleaning techniques, chemicals, procedures and schedules will help to prevent premature wear and damage.

  • Sweep to remove dust and other topical dirt which can be abrasive if left on the surface.
  • Wet mop with a clean, damp mop head using only water or a pH neutral cleaning agent added for heavy traffic areas.
  • Do not allow water to puddle and allow floor adequate ventilation during cleaning.
  • Remove cleaner with water before it dries. Mop with water only after the use of a pH neutral cleaner to remove any residue.
  • Utilize an Auto Scrubber for areas with excessive heavy traffic.
  • Auto Scrubbers should be equipped with diamond impregnated pads with a minimum of 1500 grit.
  • Never apply wax, degreasers, ammonia, citrus cleaners, bleaches, pine based cleaner or vinegar.


Re-burnishing your floor is an inexpensive method to bring new life to a floor that has been neglected or that has, over time, just lost its pop. Re-burnishing is a process that includes multiple passes with increasing grit diamond impregnated pads. The process is recommended twice per year but may only be needed every 5 years based on traffic and your maintenance of the floor.

  • 400 – 3000 grit progressive burnishing
  • Reapplication of stain guard for added protection


Re-polishing may be necessary if your floor has extreme damage from mechanical or chemical abuse. Please call our office for an on-site visit and recommendation for this service.

  • Recommended for extreme damage
  • Surface preparation and polishing steps will vary based on severity of damage
  • Burnishing and reapplication of stain guard for added protection