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Why is the Polished Concrete Market Growing Rapidly?

North America Industrial & Commercial Polished Concrete Market expected to hit $1.3 billion by 2028

Why are so many companies choosing polished concrete?


Polished concrete floor in a large industrial setting.

The North America industrial and commercial polished concrete market is expected to surpass USD 1.3 billion by 2028. Read the full article here.


Because of polished concrete’s incredible durability under heavy foot traffic, significantly lower maintenance cost than other flooring options, impressive appearance, high light-reflectivity and eco-friendly nature.




There is a growing demand in commercial, institutional, industrial, and warehouse facilities for polished concrete to replace VCT, bare concrete, and other tiles.

The maintenance costs are drastically lower with less staff hours required and minimal cleaning supplies.

The radical shift toward eco-friendly or green material in commercial and industrial flooring is also likely to expand the applications of polished concrete. Many companies are focusing on promoting polished concrete as a sustainable solution by certifying it under LEED rating systems owing to its key features such as the negligible impact on indoor air quality, long-lasting nature, and reduction in lighting costs.


Polished concrete is increasingly being adopted in commercial buildings such as hotels, malls, educational centers, and offices. This concrete type provides an attractive appearance, a highly reflective surface, and a smooth easy-to-clean surface all at a reasonable cost.








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