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Arclin USA

Arclin USA

  • Size:20,000 sq ft
  • Flooring System:Epoxy Mortar Flooring System
  • Location:Dodson, TN


Arclin is a plastics materials powder and resin manufacturer.  Due to chemical degradation, their concrete slab was eroded and failing and the plant manager was concerned. The erosion created a safety hazard for employees and prohibited both workers and equipment from moving freely about the plant which slowed down production.

Concerned about worker safety, plant cleanliness and further erosion of the slab, Arclin contacted Industrial Applications to evaluate the situation.

IA devised a solution that started with demoing all current concrete coatings, and caustic washing the surface to remove residues and stains. The concrete was shotblasted to strip, clean and profile the surface resulting in a floor ready to be resurfaced with Rustoleum 9000 power trowel.  Rustoleum 9000 FlorClad™ HD floor topping is a three component formulation of epoxy resin polymer, polyamine curative and carefully blended aggregate. An attractive, highly abrasion resistant, long lasting, and easily maintained floor, we used it to resurface the concrete deteriorated by the physical abuse.  It was then topcoated with Rustoleum 8300 HD Novalac including a non-skid component to increase worker safety.

This resulted in a sharp looking floor, with chemical spill protection and unparalleled scratch resistance, and concrete clear of erosion; which was safe for workers and strengthened for the long-term.