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Frito-Lay Floor Before
Frito-Lay Floor After


  • Size:7,200 sq ft
  • Flooring System:Urethane Cement Flooring System
  • Location:Pulaski, TN


With an existing tile floor in the Cookie Packaging, Cookie Processing, Cracker and Pretzel Oven room, Frito-Lay was concerned about the potential for bacteria being harbored in the grout lines of the tile, the tile was cracking in places, and they wanted a monolithic flooring solution.

They were thinking they would need us to remove the tile, which in a food and beverage processing plant, requires containment protocols because of the potential to expose bacteria harbored underneath the tile.  This containment often requires plant shutdown and is time-consuming and extremely costly, in addition to the cost of actual tile removal.

Industrial Applications suggested a quicker and more affordable option – to coat over the tile.  Before we could do so, we tested the tile integrity, and chose a product that would stick well with proper preparation.  After mechanically abrading the tile, we used a Rustoleum Thermakrete coating.  This particular urethane concrete solution is thermal shock resistant to be able to withstand hot wash downs, created a monolithic seamless floor to prevent bacterial growth, and with an added aggregate provided a slip-resistant surface.

The customer was extremely satisfied with the look, integrity and strength of the flooring solution we installed, and especially with the cost-effectiveness and minimization of disruption of the solution.