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John Fayard Moving and Warehousing, LLC

John Fayard Moving and Warehousing, LLC

  • Size:24,250 sq ft
  • Flooring System:Warehouse Floor Coating System
  • Location:Gulfport, MS


John Fayard Moving and Warehousing, LLC is a comprehensive trucking, relocation, warehousing, and storage company based in the Midsouth. When one of their tenants moved out, they decided they wanted to expand their space, but needed to clean, repair and create a professional atmosphere in the facility, so they called Industrial Applications.

The first step was to remove the grey pottery hue from all over the floor and thoroughly clean the entire nearly 25,000 square feet of flooring. The existing stripes needed to be removed, and in some areas, required hand grinding to thoroughly remove them.

Our surface preparation teams set to work on sealing nearly 3,000 square feet of joints. We diamond grinded the entire concrete floor to create a profile for a coating system to bond to the concrete substrate.   Using Tennant 4700 Clear, we applied a prime coat followed by a topcoat of Tennant Eco-HPS Clear. To accommodate the logistical needs of daily operations, we also applied 2954 linear feet of floor stripes and 413 stencils.