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Littlejohn Coliseum Renovation


Littlejohn Coliseum Renovation

  • Size:32,000 sq ft
  • Flooring System:Metallic Floor Coating
  • Location:Clemson, SC


Wanting a very impressive, yet easy to clean and maintain floor, Clemson called on Rust-Oleum for their Silver Bullet Metallic coating and Industrial Applications to apply it.  Our team began preparing the surface by shotblasting the concrete to profile the substrate, then vacuumed and patched any necessary areas.  We applied the Rusto-Oleum 9000 mortar primer to properly seal the concrete, diamond grinded the mortar and applied a black grout coat to fill in small pits and porosity of the concrete slab’s surface.  After a thorough cleaning, we applied Rust-Oleum Silver Bullet Metallic, followed by a high wear satin finish topcoat with wear additive to enable the floor to withstand heavy foot traffic.  After appropriate drying time, it was GAME TIME!