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Nissan Dealership

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Nissan Dealership

  • Size:6,000 sq ft
  • Flooring System:Polyaspartic Coating System
  • Location:Triadelphia, WV


This project is a great example of the rapid cure time and excellent turn-around capabilities of products like SPARTACOTE® concrete coatings systems used by Industrial Applications and required in retail concrete repair projects. These high performance coatings systems, coupled with our talented & experienced coatings crew made for a fast, robust and durable retail floor repair solution.

As a veteran SPARTACOTE® coatings installer, we began concrete prep work on this 6,000 square foot Nissan car dealership service bay facility on a Friday afternoon.  We had until 3pm on Sunday to complete the project.

The concrete slab was in good shape with the exception of some acid stained areas, which were properly prepared to accept the coating by the grinders.  Our coatings crew honored all joints and performed the service bay concrete repair work in sections.

After the surface prep was complete, the crew then applied the SPARTACOTE® Guard light grey base coat and allowed it to cure. They then applied the clear SPARTACOTE® top coat with DIAMOND TOPP traction additive dispersed into the system to give the final floor very high traction properties while exhibiting a matte finish.

The newly coated concrete floor was turned over to the car dealership owners by 3 PM on Sunday, with plenty of time for the dealer to safely open the doors to foot and vehicle traffic on Monday morning.