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P&G Pringles Division

P&G Pringles Division

  • Size:40,000 sq ft
  • Flooring System:Cementitious Urethane Flooring System
  • Location:Jackson, TN


P&G, as the parent company of Pringles, has a tremendous commitment to excellence and that commitment starts in their manufacturing facilities.  To maintain their commitment to excellence, P&G/Pringles sought solutions from a company who could specify a coating system that would withstand unique stressors, increase light reflectivity, reduce dusting, and protect their concrete from chemical, thermal and mechanical abuse.

Metal walking platforms around manufacturing equipment are exposed to a tremendous amount of vibration, thus destroying the existing coating system.  The company needed a customized coating system that would be able to withstand the rigorous vibration that these walking platforms endured on a daily basis.  The company also needed to be able to increase the light reflectivity of the floor and enhance the brightness of the facility while maintaining a low dust environment and do so during short productions stoppages.

Industrial Applications in conjunction with Dur-A-Flex, designed a custom coating solution to withstand the rigorous vibration the metal walking platforms are exposed to.  Industrial Applications utilized a flexible urethane with tenacious bonding capabilities to metal and a fiberglass mesh membrane in a multi-layer system.

In addition, we applied a lithium silicate hardener that increased the overall density of the existing concrete.  This allowed us to protect the concrete from future damage and reduce dusting.  A final application of lithium silicate stain guard was applied to provide stain protection and further reduce dusting.

With over 20 years of experience in resinous floor coatings, the decision to provide a Cementitous Urethane coating to areas exposed to chemical attack, thermal shock and mechanical abuses was an easy one.  Proper preparation followed by a ¼’ cementitous overlay, broadcasted with natural aggregates and top coated with and highly chemical resistant protective barrier allowed us to protect against chemical, thermal and mechanical stressors.