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Rockline Industries

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Rockline Industries

  • Size:144,551
  • Flooring System:Polished Concrete, Crack Repair, Control Joint Fills, Epoxy Floor Coatings
  • Location:Morristown, TN


Rockline Industries, who for over 40 years has been a leader in the consumer goods industry, manufacturing and supplying the best retailers in the world with medical wipes, baby wipes, coffee filters and other consumer products, announced its plans to bring a new plant to Morristown, TN. The new plant is an investment of $40 million and will add 250 jobs to the area. Having worked with Industrial Applications on multiple other locations, Rockline called us to create the flooring solutions they needed in the new plant for it to be successful.

Our teams, during two mobilizations, provided a combination of polished concrete and resinous floor coating systems.

Specifically, the initial project was 115,784 sq ft of polished concrete finishing, 5974 linear feet of floor control joints to fill and 750 linear feet of cracks to repair. The team worked through single digit temperatures in a mostly open facility under construction. They scrubbed and densified with Retroplate 99 densifier, then applied lithium sealer and finished with a high temperature burnish.

During the second mobilization our crews provided 24,031 sq ft of polished concrete floor finishing, cleaned and caulked 1500 sq ft of floor joints, scrubbed and densified with Retroplate 99 densifier, applied lithium sealer and finished with a high temperature burnish.

Our team also applied treated 4,448 sq ft with a 30-40 mil flooring system beginning with Rust-Oleum OverKote 8100 S and finishing with a build coat of Rust-Oleum OverKote 8100 S-Color. They also trowel installed 4” integral cove base and keyed in all floor drains.

In a smaller area of 288 sq ft, we applied ¼” Eco-Crete SF cementitious urethane mortar, followed by Tennant GPE, and a topcoat of Eco-HTS color, and troweled in 6” integral cove base.