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Surface Preparation – Critical to a Successful Flooring System

Hands down the most important part of a successful flooring system is the preparation and repair of the concrete substrate. It’s essential to the strength, durability, aesthetics and reliability of the floor to be able to do what needs to be done. The best polishing team or resinous floor coating solution will be unsuccessful without preparation by a skilled team.


What’s the condition of your floor?

  1. Do you have tile, hardwood or carpet currently on the floor, or glues or mastics left after the removal of that type of flooring?
  2. Has there ever been a resinous coating on your floor?
  3. Is the current coating chipping, cracking or peeling?
  4. How many divots and pits are present in your floor area?
  5. Does your floor have chemical, oil and grease residue?
  6. How long and deep are the cracks in your concrete slab?
  7. Do you have joints that have started to wear or crack?
  8. How deep is your dirt and grime layer?
  9. Does your floor require any leveling?


The first steps in both coating and polishing projects are to remove residue, contaminants, and older coatings; remove carpet and tile glue and mortar beds, carefully clean to remove dirt, grit and debris, level as necessary, caulk joints, and fill cracks and pits – based on the needs of the particular substrate.

Resinous coatings require a slightly porous and very clean surface to adhere properly. Depending on the condition of the substrate and the hardness of the concrete, we may use diamond grinding, shotblasting, hand grinding, sanding, scrubbing or scarifying, or a combination of processes to ensure your floor is ready to be coated.

Joint Repair and Rebuild

Cleaning, caulking or rebuilding joints are critical steps to protect the joints in your floor and give it the strength and durability you desire.

Concrete Repair

To ensure your floor has a clean and finished look, cracks, pits and irregular areas must be repaired.