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Visual Systems Play Critical Role in Sustaining 5S & Improving Worksite Safety

Productivity, Quality, Safety

5S Flooring Markings optimize productivity through an organized workplace. The visual markings and color coding are key parts of lean manufacturing techniques and streamlined production facilities; and provide standardization that is visible, understood, and consistently adhered to, eliminating questions on the part of the employees.  Risk prevention is the cornerstone of 5S Visual Floor Markings.  With “a place for everything, and everything in its place” the environment is clear for employees to work, walkways guide both employees and visitors, and designated areas for hazardous materials provide direction for employees to work more safely.

Visual systems

Visual systems can be used to designate floor space requirements, to indicate areas for dedicated purposes including work cells, machinery locations, hazardous or flammable items, traffic lanes, and pedestrian paths.

“Built in” to Production Areas

As opposed to traffic line or marking tape – which wears out quickly requiring replacement, epoxy coatings are a highly durable, easily cleanable 5S floor marking system “built in” to your production areas. These flooring systems stand up to harshest environments including forklift and truck traffic, high-impact, traffic, weather conditions, various chemicals, and extreme heat.

Customize your floor given your unique production, safety, workflow, maintenance and aesthetic needs as well as compliance requirements.