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Aerospace / Aviation

Both beautiful and functional, epoxy coatings on hanger floors and in aviation facilities are a powerful flooring solution. Not only do they reflect the beauty of spectacular machines, the epoxy coatings stand up to oils and fuels necessary to maintain aircraft.


Epoxy coating with a urethane topcoat is an excellent choice for an area that receives abuse over time. The coating will not crack, chip or dent from dropped equipment, and will resist etching from heavy equipment and skid marks from machine tires. It’s tough enough to not absorb water, chemicals oils or grease.


Not only does the epoxy coated floor reflect world class machines, the whole area is brighter and easier to work in, especially under the wings. Foreign object debris is easily spotted on the bright, shiny floor.


Slip and skid resistance additives make the floor safer for employees and those working around the machines, preventing falls and other accidents.

Cost Effective

Low maintenance costs are a significant benefit, with little cleaning or maintenance necessary to keep the floors looking spotless. The durability of the floor means you won’t have to spend money repairing it for a long time.