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Automotive Dealerships and Repair Shops


If you manage an automotive showroom, you know that first impressions, reflectivity, and cleanliness all count when it comes to impressing a customer. An automobile is one of the most expensive purchases most people will make, and the showroom is a powerful marketing tool. The presentation of the showroom determines the perception of the quality of the dealerships and the cars and enables the customer experience to be top notch.

A lackluster, stained, cracked or aging floor reflects badly on your company and detracts from the cars in your showroom. An attractive and well-maintained floor, on the other hand, can brighten the area, highlight your vehicles, and help create the ambiance you’re trying to create. Your floor takes a lot of abuse over its lifetime, too, having to endure vehicle and foot traffic, so you need a flooring solution that is both durable and attractive.

Polished concrete and epoxy floor coatings are both options for automotive showrooms. Both have a deep, high-shine finish, are durable, easy to clean resulting in minimal downtime, and are resistant to high vehicle and foot traffic. They also withstand the weight of automobiles, and the caustic effects of fuel, oil and chemical spills. Seamless epoxy floor coating solutions also eliminate grout lines which could absorb bacteria and dirt.

With a large variety of colors and textures, colors can match your company brand, present a striking impression, and differentiate different areas of the facility. Non-skid material can also be added to coatings.

Repair Shops

Epoxy coatings are ideal for auto body shop floors, service bays and service garages, parts department floors and auto detailing facilities. If you manage one of these locations, you know you have some intense requirements when it comes to your flooring.

Epoxy coatings protect your floor from harmful fluids and solvents and make them easier to clean from dirt, scuffs, tire marks and other markings that occur during normal usage. Coated floors increase the life of the slab and are chemical, stain and impact resistant – perfect for the high-use, high traffic nature of the auto repair shop.

Customer Perception

While the role of the auto shop floor is to enable your team to do their work safely, it is also important that they present an appearance that imparts trust among customers, especially those with luxury or high-performance vehicles.

Slip-resistance: A Necessity

Slip-resistant additives can be used to improve the safety of the area for your team. With all of the liquids, chemicals, and oils used in mechanic shops, it is essential these environments offer superior slip and skid resistance to keep employees safe.

High Performance and High Durability

You need your mechanic shop floor to be extremely durable. Unless floors are coated, damage will inevitably occur from the equipment or tools used by your team, corrosive fluids, and high automobile and foot traffic.   Chemical resistant topcoats prevent concrete slab damage from oils, grease, and solvents.


With a large variety of colors and textures, colors can match your company brand, present a striking impression, differentiate different areas of the shop, and striping can be added for safety or directional purposes.