Industrial Applications is a full-service concrete floor coatings company serving industrial and commercial customers since 1989.


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Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities

Easy to maintain, safer for employees, and highly durable, epoxy coated or concrete polished floors fit well in a high production environment.  Resistant to denting, cracking, and chipping, coated or polished concrete floors increase the floor’s lifespan, durability, safety and cost effectiveness.  The high luster of these floors magnify the existing lighting increasing safety and decreasing electricity costs.

Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete is often used in manufacturing and industrial environments due to its durability and adaptability to climate fluctuations, traffic levels and resistance to wear and tear over time.  The smooth, flat surface reduces wear and tear on the vehicles and equipment moving around within the facility, and provides a safe surface for a high volume of workers or customers.  Easy to clean and maintain, the professional appearance of polished concrete adds to employee productivity and professional image.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy Coatings are the easiest way to achieve the lifespan, durability, safety and cost-effectiveness you want from your manufacturing or industrial floor.  With a wide range of options, epoxy coatings protect your floor from chemical or water spills, deterioration, dents, scratching and chipping, wear from high traffic and overall are able to withstand the demands of the production process.