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Hyundai Motor Manufacturing

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Floor 1
Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Floor 2
Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Floor 3

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing

  • Size:30,000 sq ft
  • Flooring System:Polished Concrete, Epoxy Floor Coatings, Joint Repair
  • Location:Montgomery, AL


Automotive painting is a very sensitive task that requires the cleanest of atmospheres and extreme attention to detail.   HMMA has a tremendous commitment to excellence in all facets of production of their automobiles.

To maintain their commitment to excellence, HMMA sought solutions from Industrial Applications to increase light reflectivity, reduce dusting/staining, protect concrete substrate from chemical attack, and repair and prevent joint deterioration.


Dusting is a leading cause of airborne particles.  The company needed to provide a maintainable solution to protect the concrete from staining and reduce dusting, utilizing a product that would not interfere with the paint process or be harmful to the environment.  Unprotected concrete can react with many different chemicals often creating undesirable results such as staining, cracking and general deterioration.   The result is expensive repairs to the substrate, increased wear and tear on forklifts and safety/trip hazards.

Industrial Applications, Inc. selected a low dust method (wet polishing), as a means to increase light reflectivity in over 30,000 square feet of aisle ways and work areas in the HMMA Paint Shop.

In addition, Industrial Applications, Inc. applied a lithium silicate hardener that increased the overall density of the existing concrete.  This allowed us to protect the concrete from future damage and reduce dusting.  A final application of lithium silicate stain guard was applied to provide stain protection and further reduce dusting.

With over 20 years of experience in resinous floor coatings, the decision to provide a high build epoxy coating to areas exposed to chemical attack and areas that were not accessible to polishing, was a no-brainer.  Proper preparation followed by a high build coating allowed us to create a strong and lasting barrier to the everyday abuse of chemical and mechanical attack.

The life of forklifts and other similar equipment can be greatly shortened by the damage caused by deteriorated and untreated joints.  Joints exposed to heavy equipment operation need to be protected against damage.  Industrial Applications, Inc. was able to do this with semi-rigid polyurea joint filler designed to stand up to severe mechanical abuse.

The solutions provided by Industrial Applications, Inc, has provided HMMA paint shop with a brighter and safer work environment for its employees resulting in increased productivity, a cleaner environment resulting in a better product and substrate protection resulting in  decreased equipment repair cost, employee accidents and an increase in employee morale.