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Commercial Kitchens

If you run a commercial kitchen, you know how messy – and how hazardous – that floor can be. With so many people working in close proximity, creating lots of food in very little time, you need a flooring solution that can stand up to that day to day use and abuse. While ceramic tile and vinyl flooring are common kitchen floor coverings, they chip, crack, are slippery, are harder to clean and harbor bacteria in seams or grout lines. Epoxy floor coating systems offer a seamless solution, which is very durable, non-skid and easy to clean with an incredibly professional look.


Given the nature of the work, spills are inevitable; food, grease or chemicals may all end up on the floor. That, coupled with the high degree of foot traffic from hurrying employees, require the installation of a non-skid epoxy flooring solution designed to keep your team safe. Epoxy coatings can be formulated to include silica sand and then grout coated to provide a non-slip service, even in a wet environment.


An epoxy coating creates a protective barrier that prevents contaminants from permeating the concrete substrate. Often, commercial kitchen floors are exposed to contaminants that can cause serious damage to concrete because of their corrosive nature. Epoxy coatings create a non-porous, impervious surface, excellent at withstanding chemical spills. This means that hot oils, grease, and cleaning chemicals are no problem for this flooring surface. These substances can infiltrate uncoated concrete substrates, resulting in the growth of bacteria and subsequently degrading prepared food’s purity. The best commercial kitchen flooring solutions are non-porous and monolithic so bacteria doesn’t remain and grow in hidden places. Applying coated cove base creates a complete seamless surface.


An additive compound can be added to the epoxy floor coating which creates a mildew resistance, resistance to mold fungus and microbial odor development, and retards the growth and action of bacteria and prevents bacterial odors.

Bright and Easy to Clean

You need your kitchen flooring system to be easy to clean and to be able to withstand the grease, chemicals, and spills that are inevitable in the kitchen, as well as the heavy cleanings designed to keep the area clean and safe. Epoxy coated floors possess the ability to resist cracking or crazing under extreme temperature change. They display an excellent thermal shock resistance, meaning hot water discharge from kitchen equipment will not impact your floor’s surface.


There are a variety of different epoxy flooring solutions in an array of different colors and textures available to match your company branding and interior design theme.