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Jet Hanger

Jet Hanger

  • Size:20,000 sq ft
  • Flooring System:Epoxy Floor Coating
  • Location:Memphis, TN


Looking for a world-class image, this corporate customer called Industrial Applications to install an epoxy flooring system in a 20,000 square foot hanger – after seeing our work at another hanger.

The durable epoxy flooring system we installed provides high wear protection for high traffic areas. The non yellowing formula also is available in a variety of UV-stable colors.


Not only does the epoxy coated floor reflect world class machines, the whole area is brighter and easier to work in, especially under the wings. Foreign object debris is easily spotted on the bright, shiny floor.

The customer appreciated how the epoxy floor coatings save hours in cleaning. To keep the floor looking great, his cleaning crew simply wipes up drips and goes over them with a scrubber.

The brightness of the floor really makes it easy to tow aircraft. No matter how safe you are, brightness helps.