Industrial Applications is a full-service concrete floor coatings company serving industrial and commercial customers since 1989.


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One Size Does NOT Fit All

You are not stuck with just a handful of options

Does your Floor…

Bear heavy loads?

Experience temperature variations?

Need to look sharp?

Play a critical role in safety?

Have a high volume of traffic?

Your floor, the purpose it serves, and the current functional level, differs from every other floor.

A Multitude of Customizable Options are available..

Decorative floors that dress up your building with quartz, flake and metallic finishes

Flooring solutions that improve the brightness of the room

Tough floors that withstand chemicals, impact, weight, traffic, heat and cold

Industrial Applications is certified by numerous manufacturers to find the best option for you

What is currently on your floor?

What is the condition of the substrate?

Does the floor experience temperature changes or heavy traffic and high wear?

Does your floor need to withstand chemicals, minimize static, provide a bacterial barrier, improve slip resistance?

What industry or government restrictions affect your floor?

What is your budget and time frame?

What have you tried before?